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The construction of Paradise Residence is full of steam


the construction of Paradise Residence is full of steam

Paradise Residence is a complex that is being built on the territory of the fastest growing and prosperous quarter in Plovdiv. What distinguishes the project is that each apartment is offered with the option of purchasing a parking space.

500 meters divide the building from the canal, another reason the area is so favorable to life. At present, the site has a building permit and Act No. 2, which also started construction.

Paradise Residence is another important idea that brings the notion of living into a green complex. In recent years, the company has imposed its new model of modern construction, building complexes and changing the look of Plovdiv, Hristo Smirnenski. The area is blessed for construction of this scale, giving you the opportunity to touch the natural surroundings by living in close proximity to them.

Inspiration is drawn from the standard of living in large cities - the ability to avoid hasty daily life, stress and unfavorable living environments. Paradise Residence wants to build on what has been achieved here by realizing the dream of many people living in a safe home. This can be a dream for many, but it is fully feasible due to the still affordable price class of the dwellings in the area.

We build the new vision of the life of the modern generation. We are pushing more families to raise their children in comfort and tranquility. Natural assets are key to the region. The concept of the "green" complex is to keep nature clean, thus contributing to the favorable atmosphere of life and the possibility of practicing outdoor sports, recreation in recreation areas and children's games.

Besides the multitude of greenery, what will be the different in this project?

Paradise Residence gives so much for your perfect life. Spacious and cozy, sun rays, free entry into the home, high ceilings and plenty of greenery all around buildings. The distinguished element of architecture is the wide terraces. The building will be built on 8 floors and will have a total of 43 apartments, some of which are already sold to their new owners.

Hristo Smirnenski is the place that has undergone its change in the past few years to be unrecognizable. Living here is comfortable and enjoyable. There are many shops, restaurants and all amenities needed for a peaceful life.

What is today's man looking for? Rapid life, noise, dirt, damage to your body. We offer solutions as well as many benefits to live better, to feel at home in your own home. In the Paradise Residence complex, a supportive green environment is the best possible solution for your children.

Paradise Residence is an accessible and convenient location with an incredible location. Living here, and so is a matter of choice. With our innovative approach to construction, we are confident that you will get the best of the housing market in Bulgaria. Using quality materials and collaborating with leading construction companies prove that our quest is to offer quality results for your secure home.

The ennoblement of the area has contributed to the better life of the inhabitants here. Infrastructure has undergone major changes and we are delighted to have created a lot of amenities in our area with our own efforts.

The Paradise Residence Project marks its first step towards its realization. We believe that he will achieve exceptional success by proving to people the many advantages and benefits he has. With each of our projects, we strive to improve people's lifestyle and health. The clean air and the calm atmosphere are here! Immerse yourself in magic and join as the proud owner of your better home!

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