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Technical details


Construction made of monolithic reinforced concrete - It is done in compliance with the current EU earthquake resistance regulations.
25 cm external brickwork and 12 cm internal brickwork - Wienerberger bricks.
Façade with 10 cm of thermal insulation and silicate plastering with high colour density.
Balconies with metal railings of galvanized wrought iron.
5 chamber double glazing PVC joinery.
Floors with thermal insulation and cement coating.
Floors and ceilings - machine-laid gypsum plaster.
Balcony floors - waterproofing + granite tiles.
Entrance door - luxury metal, armoured.

Utility facilities

РVС plumbing with a water meter.
Vertical and horizontal internal sewerage with siphons for the waste water.
Electrical installation with a dual-tariff electricity meter, individual electrical board for each apartment, installed switches and power sockets.
Door phone system.
Internet wiring.
Cable TV wiring.
Ventilation openings and chimneys.
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