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Important! We are glad to announce that 99 % of the homes in Buildings A and B have already been sold.

The rest of the apartments in the two buildings of the complex are currently listed for sale. The choice there is rather limited since 36 out of the 38 homes in the building have already been sold. The apartments available for sale are three-room ones.

The advantages of purchasing a home in the complex are:
A small common areas ratio.
High store height of the apartments.
An option of separating or joining.
An option of leasing different properties with expected annual return of 6%.
The investor works with the leading banks in Bulgaria which provide financing at the best possible terms for the clients of RAYA RESIDENCE.
You can explore the plans and the prices of the available properties BELOW.

*Swipe left on the table to see full information!
№ by row Price Type Floor area sq. m. Status
SECTION А Floor 1 (elevation +-0.00)
Store € 146 520 -           222,00 AVAILABLE
Lobby Bar Negotiable - 244,22 AVAILABLE
SECTION А Floor 2 (elevation +4.80)
Hotel part Negotiable - 305,19 AVAILABLE
*Swipe left on the table to see full information!
SECTION B Floor 1 (elevation +-0.00)
Store € 130 020 - 197,00 AVAILABLE
SECTION B Floor 7 (elevation +19.05)
Apartment 17 € 72 800 2 bedrooms 112,47 AVAILABLE

For more information: 0885 307 320 / 0898 807 078

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